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History, culture, tourism, arts and crafts in the old European territory of the Adriatic According to priority 2 of the IPA Adriatic Cross Border: natural resources, cultural and risk prevention; paragraph 2.4. Sustainable tourism

Project idea

The project promotes the idea of using Cultural values and strengthening the tourist potential target territories, creating local identities that serve as reference for both promoting integrated management of tourism based on the attraction of historical cities, walled cities, castles and cultural sites involved in the project territory.

These factors contribute to the development of the power of the local economy, ensuring greater employment of improving the quality of life of the population in the target territory. The project supports the preservation of these goals as well as the use of historical and cultural values in order to promote sustainable tourism as a binding factor in the development of urban centers of their surrounding areas.

Activities foreseen:

  1. System evaluation system of historical cities, towns walled and itineraries sites in target territories
  2. Awareness of local businesses to the advantages that come from putting the network of shared experiences and the establishment of cross-border centers with strong tourist value.
  3. Management of pilot projects in certain areas and routes
  4. Creation of a common network forming and promoting institutional
  5. Implementation of a series of promotional and educational activities with representatives of the media and tour operators


Lead partner:  Regione Molise - Direzione Turismo - Lead Partner

Slovenian partner: Museo del Mare di Pirano

Italian partners:

Informest srl - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Regione Veneto - direzione turismo

Associazione Città Murata del Veneto

Regione Abruzzo - Assessorato al Turismo

Provincia Bari - Puglia

Regione Marche - Direzione Turismo

Associazione "Le Marche Segrete" Onlus

Regione Molise - Assessorato turismo

Provincia di Ravenna - Emilia Romagna

Croatian partner: AGENZIA di Sviluppo - di Spalato conten-Dalmazia

Montenegrin Partner: Ministry of Culture of Montenegro

Bosnian partner: Comunita Turistica del Cantone know Hercegovina-Neretva

Albanian partner: Lezha Municipality


Total (in €) 3,900,000 euro

Lezha 150,000 euro budget

Project Duration 36 months

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