• After 23 years of absence , the sport of volleyball returns in Lezha . Two former volleyball players (currently teachers of physical education in the high school "Hydajet Lezha") have once again revived the women's team of “Besëlidhja”, while the Municipality of Lezha has provided a gym to their use.
  • The first cultural institutions started to be build in the town of Lezha around the years 1946-47: "Drini" Cinema and the House of Culture and Popular Creativeness "Manush Alimani", the name which should be born even later by the Palace of Culture. Initially the cultural and...
  • The birth of football in the town of Lezha. The football game in the Lezha district has its origins in the second decade of the twentieth century. Originally the town of Lezha football was played among the youth since 1916, when an Austrian colonel called Hill gave them two leather soccer balls...
  • During this sports season, the club "Beselidhja" of Lezha attended with three football teams (adults, young people and pre-young). The representation of adults and young team has been of a high level and quality. The adult team throughout the championship-I category has been one of the main and...

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