Activities conducted by the Palace of Culture of Lezha

  1. Artistic speech contests,
    • For primary schools,
    • For high schools;
  2. Artistic concerts with Lezha high schools twice a year;
  3. The annual festival "Magic Fest";
  4. Evening dances twice a year;
  5. The Festival "Magic Voices";
  6. March 14-th concert;
  7. Literary-musical concert for Mother Teresa;
  8. Literary-musical concert for Gjergj Fishta;
  9. Miss and Mister Lezha;
  10. Great concert for the Feast of ABC;
  11. Any national or local holiday activities is associated with one musical-literary event;
  12. Concert for opening of tourist season;
  13. Concert with the best singers of Lezha for May 1;
  14. 5 picture exhibitions;
  15. The yearly exhibition of young artists;
  16. The celebrations of August 15 "Day of the Travellers';
  17. Concert of new talents, "White Night";
  18. Yearly event "Happy New Year";
  19. 24 concerts with the town wind orchestra;

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