Building permissions

Following is a list of documentation required by the Urban Planning office to receive a building permit.

General process:

  • The file with all documentation completed by the interested party should be presented at the information desk of the Municipality.
  • This office presents this documentation to the secretary who completes its registration.
  • The secretary passes the file to the Urban Planning office.
  • The Urban Planning office processes the file in collaboration with the legal office. If the file is complete and meets the requirements it is presented at the next meeting of the municipal council (KRRT).

The file must include these documents:

  • An inventory of the documentation (two copies), of which one is returned to the applicant signed by the Urban Planning office.
  • An overview of the property approved by the Office of the Real Estate
  • Registration with the property certificate.
  • An urban design in the scale 1 : 500 (three original copies).
  • The engineering network design in the scale 1 : 500 (three original copies).
  • A request for approval of the building site (three original copies).
  • Form no. 1. The notarized license of the designer.
  • The plan of the building site in the scale 1 : 500 (three original copies).
  • The Placing plan in the scale 1 : 500 (three original copies).
  • The building permission request form in three original copies.
  • Form no. 3. The form 3 / 1 in three original copies signed by all the companies that will work on the project in the future.
  • Topographic Survey of the actual state of the terrain.
  • The process verbal of the picketing of the object in three original copies.
  • Notarized license of the surveyor. (Non re-notarized)
  • The executing project accompanied by its preventive in three original copies.
  • The notarized licenses of the members of the projecting group. 1 copy each.
  • The executing investor- entrepreneur contract in three original copies, signed in front of an attorney.
  • The notarized license of the executing firm. One copy.
  • The notarized license of the technical supervisor of the firm. One copy.
  • In case of a reconstruction of an existing building it is necessary to provide a contract with all the inhabitants of the building signed before an attorney.
  • The geological study in case the object is over eight floors. This study must be signed on every page by the compiler and must be accompanied by the notarized license.
  • A seismic study is required when the object is over nine floors high.
  • The technical relation of the calculations and this data disc.
  • When the investment is over 100 million lek, it must be accompanied by the technical- economical resistance to the project.
  • The organizational plan of the project in three original copies.
  • The project for the heating, electrical, hydro-sanitary, protection against fire etc., systems accompanied by the respective notarized licenses of the compilers.
  • The contract with the supervisor of the works and the corresponding notarized license. At the moment that the executing firm retires the building permission it must declare that the environment must return to the previous state and it must cover all the intervening on the network affected by the works.

Note: Of the three copies of the forms presented, one is turned back to the investor and the executing firm, one is held in the Urban Planning archive, and the third is used for the registering documentation after the approval of the permission.

All the documentation requested above is required under Law No. 8405 from September 17, 1998 ( "For the Urban Planning") and the guidelines from the respective Ministries.

This documentation is obligatory.

Those executing firms who do not comply with all required documentation will be subject to sanctions ranging from penalties to the revocation of the building permission.

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