Data on the Regulatory Plan of Lezha

The first attempts to compile a regulatory plan for the city of Lezha were made in the early 1960's. This plan, made on a limited time schedule, showed only a relatively small part of the city. In 1974, a second regulatory plan was made, showing the area from Strauss Street in the south, the Gurra Quarter in the east, the eastern side of river Drin in the west, and the old bridge in the north. Since that time, the further expansion of the city has incorporated small projects such as those in the 11.2 Ha Block, at the ex industrial site of the Letter Fabric and the area of Koder Marlekaj (VKM no. 289 date 25.06.1992). This area across the river is now a part of the city and has been renamed the Mother Theresa Quarter.

The expansion of the city in this haphazard way has, over time, created a disorganized system of connections between these new quarters and the pre-existing city. Considering these conditions, it is now necessary to make a new regulatory plan for the city of Lezha. The Urban Planning office of the Municipality of Lezha has been working on this new regulatory plan since 2007, beginning with a study for the extension of the borders of the city proper. The governing councils of both the Municipality and of the Region of Lezha approved this re-drawn border. In this border study the surface area of the city now reaches 800 ha. The new border includes areas that previously lay within the jurisdiction of the communes of Kolsh, Balldren and Shengjin. This study was approved by the Municipality of Lezha with Decree no. 43 on June 16, 2008 and by the Region with Decree no.1 on July 4, 2008. Now the new borders only await final approval from the Albanian Council for Territory Regulation (KRRTRSH).

In the meantime, work is in progress to complete the documentation required by law. In order to adequately document the process, specialized institutions including USAID were asked to help. Continual data gathering continues to support the new borders. For example, the city needs to gather all geological, seismic, climatic and hydrological data for the new areas as well as data for the plants community, animal and the ecosystems of the area, data for the archeology and historical studies and data concerning actual and perceived economic activity.

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