Directory of Finance and Budgeting

DFB compiles the necessary documentation for the project budget; controls the implementation of the budget; registers all the obligations of the institution; directs and organizes the work of the dependant sectors in accordance with the legal acts; keeps the relative correspondence. In accordance with the respective functional duties DFB assigns the duties to the specialists, and supervises their implementation. Through the analysis, seminars, paper and verbal interpretations of the normative acts, legal and sublegal, the direct control from the specialists, it helps in the professional growth of the employees dealing with the administration of the budget funds. DFB informs the mayor in every case there are problems with the implementation of the budget, and/or in predetermined intervals; proposes measures to be taken in case of breach of budgetary discipline; moves the funds for the dependant companies or companies contracted for the realization of public works.  DFB prepares the documentation for the realization of the budget for the closing financial year and present it to the Municipal Council through the Mayor. The DFB coordinates the work with other directories related to requests for funding and presents it to the mayor for necessary budget changes in the ongoing fiscal year, or compiles requests to present to the adequate instances for investments. Prepares documentation for the implementation of the budget for the closed financial year and presents through direct supervisor for approval to the City Council. Coordinates the work with other departments of the Municipality regarding requests for funds and presents it to the direct supervisor for changes in the budget of the fiscal year. DFB organizes and manages the work for the conservation and administration of monetary and material assets of the Municipality. It also controls the legality of the investments and keeps track of legality in the conservation, documentation, moves and administration of the monetary and material assets.

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