Directory of Public Services

DPS has the objective and is working hard for the realization and continuous improvement of the public services for the community. It is planning, monitoring and realizing these objectives in the interests of the civic community by building strategies for the programming, planning and implementation of investments in the public works, it is coordinating the work done by different institutions and enterprises whose activity is directly linked with the services and the quality of public services to the citizens.

Actually the directory has different priorities like:

  • The management of urban waste. The Municipality of Lezha is the first local entity that implemented the projects of waste separation in the source in collaboration with citizens and different organizations.
  • The city road infrastructure. The Municiplaity of Lezha has been constantly taking care of the city streets, by repairing the damaged ones and by adding new standart roads to the city map. This is quite a hard duty because of the rapid extension of the city, but the Municiplaity has done a good work in the last years. The investments in the road to the castle and Sheher, and the hospital road have been some of the major investments in the city connecting infrastructure. The investments inside the quarters are always ongoing. After the completion of the Beselidhja, Skenderbge and Gurra quarters, the work is going on in the quarters Nene Tereza and 11.2 ha which are totally new areas of the city.
  • The mobility of the city has been taken care by the DPS by having constant care of the street signals, vertical and horizontal, and by studying always new strategies for single sense streets and parking options in the city. In the main boulevard there has been applied another type of parking which has doubled the parking places.
  • An important attention has gotten the investments in the education infrastructure. The municipality takes care about the school restauration, everyday care in collbaration with students, teachers and parents. The DPS has projected and implemented interventions in the Palace of Culture, at the Youth Culture Center and other education institutions.
  • DPS is also taking care for the historical and archeiological objects in the city by improving the Greenes and the infrastructure around them.
  • Public housing has been one major focus of the DPS; it has done a good work with the legal and documentary phase; it keeps a track of all the requests (around 500 every year) and systemizes them according to the law in force, thus evidencing the priorities and together with the competent institution it is being worked to find the right solution to this problem.
  • DPS has been working also about the civil emergencies, making precautive actions or making the necessary timely interventions in urgent cases.
  • The greeness and the illumintation have been in focus, not solely for the care of the actual sites, but also for studying the possibilities to extend in the peripheries and the new quarters of the city.

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