Equal employment opportunities for Zadrima's youth in Lezha

The Peace Ambassadors Organization in Zadrima, Lezha, in the framework of the PACT project "Good Governance - Anti Corruption" funded by the European Union in cooperation with ANTARC, organized the closing meeting of the project: "Equal opportunities for employment young people ".
In the summer camp for young people here at the premises of "At Gjon Fausti" school in Krajn, it was widely discussed and given ideas and ideas for solving problems related to youth unemployment.
The parish priest of Blinisht-Gjader, Father Enzo, said that young people cannot dream their dreams only abroad, but also in their country in Albania. Therefore, we must reflect, together with the state institutions, to revive our faith, a normal life that can be developed here in Albania and young people not to leave their country.
Klodiana Kadeli, project manager, highlighted the work done in the summer camp for raising awareness among young people not to leave the country.
In joining the efforts to address the challenges for young people, this project aims to increase the effectiveness of national employment programs and local practices implemented by the Regional Service Directorate for the job seekers in the age group 15-29.

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