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The city of Lezha is the administrative center of the Lezha district in the northwestern part of the country. The region stretches from the region of Shkodra in the north to Mati river in the south, from the Puke-Mirdite mountains to the east  to the Adriatic sea to the west.

Lezha the region lies between 410 57' 30" and 410 39' 45 " latitude and between 190 32' 20" and 190 53' 20" longitude. Lezha is situated 55 km from Tirana, 35 km from Shkoder and 70 km from Durres (the port and ferry terminal). Rinas airport is 40 km away and the way Prishtine, the capital of The Republic of Kosove is 220 km to the northeast. At a closer distance of only 6 km lies the port of Shengjin with its adjoining beaches.  Other nearby beaches are at Kune (8 km), Vain  (3 km) and Tale (15 km).

For the most part the territory of Lezha has a temperate Mediterranean climate. The Adriatic Sea keeps the climate mild. The district of Lezha has a hot dry summer, and a mild wet winter in the lower altitudes. In the higher regions it is a bit colder and there is snow in the winter. The average temperature of the year is 15 degrees Celsius. Average for January is 7 degrees Celsius while for July it is 25 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature ever recorded in Lezha is 39 degrees Celsius (on 18-07-1973) while the lowest is -10 degrees Celsius (on 24-01-1963). It rains on average 1700 mm in a year.

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