The history of this region antique, about 2000 years before the birth of Christ. Lezha, Kurbin and  Mirdita as an integral part of this region hold and inherit significant historical value. Important events of our national history have occurred in areas of the region, where undoubtedly its residents and especially their noble leaders have given their contribution to these events.

Among the most important events in the history of this region, we mention:

Creation of the first Albanian state, the state of Arbër in 1190, whose emblem is found in Gëziq Mirdita and preserved in the National History Museum in Tirana, as well as the emblem of Skurajve Kurbin found in Pllana.
In the historic town of Lezha, under the leadership of the national hero Scanderbeg, on March 2, 1444, was held the Lezha League (Lezha Covenant) which united the Albanian princes in the common anti-ottoman fight. On the territory of this region were opened the first schools in the Albanian national plane as the Vescoval school of Shnapremtes in Kurbin in 1632, the schools of Pllana and Vela in the year 1638, Blinisht and Zadrima schools in year 1639 ect. Among the monuments of cultural and historical heritage of national importance are:

  • "Kanun of Lek Dukagjin: (Canon Mountain) collected and codified by the patriotic scholar Father Shtjefen Gjeçovi.
  • "Kanun of Skanderbeg" collected by the cleric scholar Frano Ilia
  • Keeping of Arber Assembly in Mërqi on 14 January 1703 and the publishing of the Albanian language edition of "Council" in 1706.
  • The self government of Mirdita with its twelve bayraks led by the princely family of Gjonmarkaj.

Interfaith coexistence through the ages is a value that the people of this region have inherited over the years and are taking up. This beautiful fact is witnessed by thousands of pilgrims of different faiths who come from all over Albania and diaspora in the Church of Shnandout (Saint Anthony) in Lac, turning it into one of the largest religious pilgrimage centers in Albania.

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