Internal Audit Sector

Internal Audit Sector in accordance with the law is intended to help achieve the objectives by assessing the risks, suitability and effectiveness of the systems, structures, procedures, controls and decisions. Such as: financial management and control system in general, based on the identification, evaluation and management of risk, compliance of internal acts and contracts with the legislation, the reliability and comprehensiveness of financial and operational information, carrying out activities effectively and with benefit, safeguarding of assets and information.

The Internal audit in the public sector's mission is performing special audit duties and security consulting service, with the sole aim to add value to the administration by providing beneficial and effective use and saving of public funds. Internal Audit will be able to achieve maximum effectiveness in its work if implemented under a mutual cooperation between management and audit activity level. Internal audit sector should work closely with internal control, to provide objective assurance to the Mayor, on the accuracy and reliability of financial reports and performance reports through a combination of methods and different types of audits in accordance with legislation and interior auditing standards.

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