Legal and Public Procurement Directory


  1. LPPD provides legal assistance for the activity and acts of the City Council, its Committees, the Mayor and municipal apparatus. It help in juridical cases all the departments of the Municipality and other dependent institutions.
  2. LPPD addresses and resolves, within the framework of its powers, the requests and complaints from citizens that speak directly to the section, or who are delegated by the Mayor. To resolve the complaints it coordinates its work with other departments and sectors in the municipality.
  3. LPPD organizes and manages the work for the realization of Public procurement in collaboration with the respective structures of the Municipality.
  4. Represents the institution or different structures of the Municipality in judicial processes at all levels, where they are or become a party, with the approval of the Mayor or the City Council.
  5. Relates to the Mayor at any time on the performance of the work of the Directorate, different problems arisen, their resolution mode, for the procurement procedures and problems encountered during their implementation.

Environmental management plan for the construction of the secondary school

Environmental management plan for the construction of the 9 year school

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