Municipality of Lezha Organises the Summer Day

Lezha Municipality due to the 14th of March Summer Day, organized a series of outdoor activities, sports and walking in the tourist area of Kune-Vain in Shengjin. The amazing site attractions of this area, a virgin coast of the Adriatic were surprising and pleasant for the citizens of Lezha, public administration employees, young people and schoolchildren, whom maybe saw for the first time this unique nature. From the bridge Merxhani we walked all way to the lagoon of Kune, halting near outlet of Drin River to the sea, at this place where we organized sports and artistic activities. Deputy Mayor Lezha Mrs. Alfrida Dedgjonaj-Marku, which in the name of the head of the Municipality Mr. Fran Frrokaj wished all the participants a very Happy summers days, also said that the celebration of this year unlike other years intended the entertainment of citizens and youth and also simultaneously protect and promote the area with tourist and preserve these irreplaceable resources. Director of education, tourism and culture at the municipality Lezha Ardian Laci stressed that the Municipality of Lezha, in this 14th of March, achieved two goals: youth entertainment and promotion of the tourist area of Kuine- Vain. Shëngjin unit administrator Tonin Uldedaj says this tourist area will be the preferred destination for visitors and tourists of the coast during the summer tourist season. In this way 14th of March as winter separation day passed in an atmosphere of celebration and entertainment. All participants left from here with the desire to return again to this tourist area and beautiful facilities.

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