National Registering Center, Lezha Branch

The National Business Registration Center, (QKR, is the only institution responsible for registering businesses in Albania. The Lezha office serves as a one stop venue for all business registering processes, including registering for taxes, registering for health and social insurance and declaring to the Labor Inspector. QKR nationally started to offer services on September 3rd, 2007, replacing the former procedures for registering businesses in Albania. On the 12th of May 2008, QKR opened its branch in the Lezha Municipality to better serve the businesses of the Municipality and the Region of Lezha.

Because of the QKR, the registration is more streamlined, costs are diminished and the time necessary to complete the process has been reduced to only one day. The services offered by the QKR include:

  • Registering new businesses
  • Changing date for businesses
  • Issuing a request for data from a business
  • Registering a business closure
  • Approval of a reserved names and pre-reservation of names

The legal basis on which QKR functions is Law no. 9723 "For the National Center of Registering" approved on the 3rd of May 2007 and Law no. 9901 "For the commercialists and the commercialist associations" approved on the 14th of April 2008. More information about this can be found at

According to Law no. 9901 all commercial businesses, and persons who operate any sort of economic activity in Albania must register with and provide necessary data to the QKR. The only exceptions are non-profit associations, foundations, political parties and other institutions as provided by law. These organizations continue to register themselves with the courts. Also, the street merchants that are so common in Albania are, for the most part, not registered with QKR.

QKR is the only institution that issues tax identification numbers (NIPT) for the headquarters and the secondary addresses of the business. By law, the yearly balance and all financial reports approved by the assembly of the partners or the shareholders must be delivered to the QKR every year, not later than 31 July. The fulfillment of this obligation does not replace the obligation to present oneself at the Tax Office as requested by the taxing legislature. In the case of a violation of these requirements there are legal penalties.

During the year 2008 the Lezha Branch of the QKR issued more than 1400 different services to businesses including new registrations, data corrections, changes, de-registration, issuances of NIPT and partial and full financial reports. The office also cooperated with the local tax offices, the local administration and the regional directory of taxes. Every business or single citizen that is interested is welcomed at the offices of the QKR at the Lezha Branch, but can also contact the official sit of QKR,, email or, or call 042259057 or 0215 24055.

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