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The dormitory of the professional boarding school "Kolin Gjoka" is located near the block of schools in "Beselidhja" quarter, Lezhe, a 3 - storey building, where two floors serve to accommodate students in the dormitory, and a floor for the daily development Centre "Trendafilat (roses)". This dorm only serves girls, as there are no rooms for accommodation of the boys, despite numerous requests to by their parents. The maximum capacity is 17 rooms with 68 beds. The girls registered in the boarding school for the year 2010 - 2011 reach a total of 38, and mainly come from districts of Mirdita, Kurbin, from Ungrej Municipality, the Gjegjan Municipality (Puke district) and from the Mat district. According to the CM decision No. 759 dated 15/09/2010 students coming from the northeast and continuing a vocational high school, are treated with full scholarship from the state. From this decision have benefited almost all girls registered in the "Kolin Gjoka" dorm. In the dormitory, thanks to a very good cooperation with the Directorate of Public Services, we have created all conditions for a normal life.

The entire material base is new. Showers operate at all times; there is a good heating system, and uninterrupted supply of drinking water. The dormitory is secure and quiet; it is clean and has a quality cooking.


Boarding staff consists of 15 persons. Director of dormitory and two nurses have higher education, are qualified and have a good work experience. 12 others serve as support staff. The Boarding Service functions 24 hours, without interruption. It works also Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. We have excellent cooperation with the parents of boarding girls. They are grateful for the commitment that the Municipality has on their children.


With the contribution of the Municipality every year we make tourist excursions to touristic places, outside the district, with the students and staff of the hall. We also have a good cooperation with the directors of the school and its teaching staff to harmonize the collaboration "dormitory - school - parents".

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