Supporting infrastructure for bicycle users.


There are not many cyclers in Lezha but none the less there are some citizens that have chosen this way of commuting.
Since Lezha is a small city, using bicycles is very convenient and often you see bicycles locked beside trees and pavements mainly in the city center.
This situation has come to the attention of the service department of the Lezha Municipality. Its specialists and engineers have started reorganizing cycling infrastructure across the city offering missing services.
Bicycle stations are one of this these added services that will be implemented in the Lezha Municipality.
The head of the service department Ndue Lushi says that in our focus are a number of services such as bicycle stations, reserved parking for the disabled, and increasing the number of reserved parking’s for taxi’s and other reserved parking’s in general as well as to encourage citizens to use their bicycles which will be very useful for them and for the traffic jams that in the summer season are packed.
Children and middle age Citizens are the categories that mostly use bicycles today in Lezha but if we create the suitable infrastructure the number of bicycle users will increase say the Municipality representatives.

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