The 550th anniversary of Gjergj Kastrioti- Skanderbeg is commemorated in Lezha

It is commemorated in Lezha the 550th anniversary of the death of Gjergj Kastrioti - Skanderbeg. On this occasion, at the memorial of the burial place of the hero, leaders of local government and institutions, representatives of political parties and religious beliefs, school students and citizens of Lezha paid homage and placed bundles of flowers. This anniversary was attended by Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and 150 arberesh from southern Italy.
The Mayor Frrokaj in his speech stressed that this day marks the end of one of the most striking periods of our history when Albania was imposed on the Europe as a defender of its civilization and Gjergj Kastrioti entered the medieval history as one of the greatest generals of his age, as a war strategist and prophet of peace. Today Lezha commemorates a historic date that is preserved in the memory of all Albanians, not just as a date when the hero closed his eyes, but as a testament to his magnificent work as a precious heritage of courage and wisdom, the values that make us we feel proud to be the heir to Gjergj Kastrioti, the human symbol of the unification of the nation that sought to reach the consensus of the royal princes, becoming the foundation of the state. There is plenty of indisputable evidence of the  historical links of Gjergj Kastrioti to Lezha and the League. As a warrior of freedom, diplomat, great state man and immortal myth in the memory of all Albanians, Skanderbeg remains epochal.
On this anniversary of the hero, celebrating the figure of Skanderbeg, many personalities forwarded their messages of peace, kindness, tolerance and brotherly coexistence, including the Archbishop of Shkodër-Pult Diocese, Monsignor Angelo Masafra and the Mufti of Lezha Agim Tereziu. With great interest was welcomed the speech in Albanian by the representative of the arberesh, Giorgo Cuccia, who after praising the figure of Skanderbeg, thanked the Municipality and its head Frrokaj for the inviting and brotherly reception that was reserved to them. In the Burial premises of the Hero were exposed rare books and other publications, dedicated to Gjergj Kastrioti, which were made possible by the cooperation between the library "Gjergj Fishta" Lezhë and the National Library.
On this occasion in the gallery of the figurative arts was opened the exhibition of works by painters of Lezha dedicated to the figure of Gjergj Kastriot- Skanderbeg, Father Gjergj Fishta and the Saint Mother Teresa. The activities of this day organized by the Municipality of Lezha continued with a music and literary concert prepared by the artistic groups of the palace of culture and the school "Gjergj Kastrioti", where the songs, recitals, the choreographic works and other literary creations echoed the bright figure of the hero of our nation, the symbol of the unification of Albanians, Gjergj Kastrioti - Skanderbeg. The activities of this day closed with the three plans premiere "Gjergj Kastrioti - Skanderbeg" organized by the Children's Cultural Center "Gjergj Lacaj", students of the Center for Daily Development and the "Lezha Academic Center" school.

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