The Office of Urban Cleaning and Removal of Municipal Waste

The Municipality of Lezha is responsible for cleaning the city at the service of the citizens of Lezha.** The Municipality offers this service through a private firm, after tendering as law commands. The company responsible for the cleaning is Iridiani & Kadeli shpk, administered by Ms. Dava Kadeli. The budget for city cleaning is 12,657 million leks. During 2008 there was a significant improvement in the quality of city cleaning. The covered service area increased to be about 15% larger than the year before, reaching 13.630 m2. Street washing covered 7.800 m2 or 115% more than the year before.  Recently the city has implemented a pilot project for differentiated waste collection (recycling), another positive step towards improvement of city services. This project was applied in the major blocks of the city, especially in the Beslidhja quarter. It is concentrated in 9 collection points, and has started to have a positive impact. There is continual special attention given to the everyday cleanup of collection points, the improvement of the street and pavement cleaning, the periodic emptying of the collection containers as by contract, the repairing and substitution of the damaged containers and the increase of the number of the collection points as requested by the interest groups and the community.

**The legal basis for the city"s responsibility to its citizens in this regard is based on Law no.8652 from 31.07.2000 "For the organization and the functions of local government," law no. 8094 from 21.03.1996 "For the public removal of residue from the cities," law no. 9010 from 13.07.2003 "For the environmental administration of the solid residue," law no.8934 from 05.09.2002 "For the protection of the environment," VKM no.319 from 21.06.1994 and the hygienic-sanitary regulations for urban and rural areas concerning the administration and the treatment of the residue from 17.11.1997.

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