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The kindergarten of Lezha was built about 1965 and located in the city center. For many years, it has worked for children aged 0-4 years, with a capacity of 100 children. After several years with the increasing population another kindergarten was added, and both have a capacity of 200 children. The kindergartens are administered by a qualified staff, the director is a nurse, as well as educators and there is also a qualified cook to serve children best food. The new kindergarten functions as a daily centre, meanwhile today functions another kindergarten attached to the building of the third age center. There have been many changes after 1997, when like many other objects this kindergarten was burned and destroyed. The Municipality, with its financial capabilities opened again and the kindergarten started work.

In September 2002 there was a major flood in Lezha, which flooded the kindergarten. After that there was made a partial reconstruction of kindergarten from the municipality and from a Swiss association which contributed to the reconstruction:

  1. Waterproofing of terraces
  2. Parquet of the first and second group was repaired
  3. Windows and doors were made all new from duralumin.

In 2008 it was made a general reconstruction; starting from the electrical network which was in a very bad condition, hydraulic works were made and there were new laminate parquets. The bathrooms were all reconstructed and coated with qualitative tiles, complete with showers of very good quality. The kitchen which has a large surface has been reconstructed by a modern project, with new cooking facilities and marble benches. There was a new fenced yard planted with nice trees. The reconstruction was made by the Mayor Mr. Viktor Tushaj in cooperation with the municipality of Campobasso, Italy. The reconstruction was inaugurated on 1 July 2008, which was attended by many representatives of the institutions of the city of Lezha. Today our kindergarten is one of the best kindergartens in Albania, as estimated by the training group of UNICEF that visited and trained the staff of Lezha kindergarten in 2010.

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