The third stage of sterilization of stray dogs

Lezha Municipality, "Life Tier Und Mensch" organization and the "Help Animal Lezha" volunteer group, undertook the campaign for sterilization of stray dogs and their rehabilitation by setting up a special center. In the last 6 months of last year, Lezha Municipality designed and implemented the Action Plan for the management of stray dogs in the city, a plan that proved effective. But their problem goes beyond the limits of our competence, because their care and treatment requires high costs. The main purpose of improving public health and safety is to start implementing a comprehensive and scientifically proven program with internationally accepted methods to encourage responsible dog keeping so that the number of stray dogs in the territory of the Municipality of Lezha decreases in a humane manner. This program is developed in cooperation with the "Life Tier Und Mensch" organization represented by Ms. Jenny Muller, veterinarian and group of volunteers "Help Animal Lezha". The process has started with the treatment of dogs by veterinarians, ie castration / sterilization, vaccination and treatment. Thereafter the awareness raising phase around this program will begin with the help of volunteers, veterinarians, children and school students to discuss various topics related to animal welfare and human/animal relations. Through this program we aim to influence the improvement of public health and the situation created by the presence of stray dogs by providing alternatives for their treatment and promoting professional animal services.

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