Urban Planning Directorate

Urban Planning Directorate has the following structure:

  • Department of Urban Cadastre and Infrastructure engineering.
  • Sector of Legal Urbanistics and Technical Control of Projects.

Projection and Studies Urbanism has to:

Organizes and follows the work to coordinate the demands of different subjects in accordance with the city's urban policies; Follows proposed urban projects, prepares materials for the program of the city urban development, prepares documentation of the regulatory plan of the city and submit to city council for review the material, which once approved are presented for approval by CRT, related about the city regulatory plan in the CRT and the KRRTRSH; prepares projects for public investment

Department of Urban Cadastre and Infrastructure engineering:

Handles different conflicts related to property, for construction work; Perform field verifications completes control forms for these acts in the premises with permission:

Control of start of works; control quota after 0.00; control after the superstructure; control the disposition of the environment after works are concluded; Update periodically in the map objects with building permits approved in CRT; archives materials systematized on file for public or state real estate, follow the procedures for registration of municipal property in the Regional Office of the Immovable Property Registration, Prepare documentation of public or state property, for presenting them to the Council of Ministers to pass them over to the Municiplaity of Lezha; Issues and photocopies the materials in the file, for purposes of confirmation of receipt to the originals; calculates and completes the bills for payment on the documents and other projects’ material, coming from the archive, for the citizens of the subjects; Controls documentation connecting all engineering infrastructure; controls built facility location plans, distances from the property boundary and the border facilities and properties, and the connection of the object wthe road system.

Sector of Legal Urbanistic and Technical Control of Projects:

Controls and is responsible for all phases act of building controls; act mapping control, quota control act 0.00, act of superstructure control, settling control act, use permit control act; genplan update: On the request of constructing subjects, to be equipped with permission to use, performs final inspection of the facility in accordance with the approved documents and legal acts, preparing material for review; is responsible for the whole of notices sent to the Building Inspectoriate and others regarding problems of the relevant sector, examines complaints for illegal construction. Examine complaints of citizens on the implementation of the approved permit; reviews citizen complaints of damage to the surrounding environment or border facilities that build, controls the docs of control specialists, according to the phases of construction; final control records, calculating the relevant financial obligations, the obligation to withdraw the building permit; Organizes and follows work to control included project and content files, for approved applications, checks the legal documentation and technical-constructive filing requirements adopted by decision of the CRT, based on KTP (technical terms of design) ultimate control of technical documentation draft application for any building permits, architectural project compliance with the approved location plans and the standards of design; Prepares protection projects and studies, which appear on the CRT Tech Tips

The Technical Secretariat shall:

"Review of technical documentation and legal requirements for sites and building permits; Control technical documentation, project architecture, the forms etc, to ensure Urban Regulation; Controls facility location plans, distances to the property boundary and border facilities, connection to infrastructure etc. Blanch location plans for each application approved by KRRT decision by completing the relevant forms: Keeps minutes of meetings K.RR.T and Technical Council; Prepare reports of project decisions to be approved by a majority vote in K.RR.T; Prepares materials that come back for reconsideration by the MC, or the Prefect; guides and explains to all concerned how to prepare the docs necessary for application of building permits for the site, prepare statistical data about permits adopted in CRT

Urban Construction Inspectorate

At the Lezha Municipality is actually in function the Urban Construction Inspectorate, which by the work of Chief Inspector and inspectors, exercises control responsibilities and the enforcement of technical standards in the field of construction and urbanistics and those provided by other laws, within the territory of the administrative jurisdiction of the Municipality of Lezha. The structure of UCI of the municipality is approved by decision of the City Council, with the mayor's proposal, Z.Viktor Tushaj. UCI is headed by the chief inspector, who is appointed by the Mayor. To accomplish the tasks defined by law, the municipal UCI is supported by the Municipal Police. During the exercise of statutory responsibilities, the UCI decides to fulfill its statutory obligations in the field of construction and urban planning; imposes fines according to the type of violation of legal; submits to the competent authorities request for waiver of professional license for personal or companies in case of illegal construction, and in cases where violations of technical conditions of implementation, design and suspension of construction works; decides to suspend the construction works in a case where a prior period is necessary for the decision to fulfill its statutory obligations; sets demolition of illegal building, preparing for the criminal offenses found during the audit and submits it to the competent bodies under the legislation in force; provides the information required to National Construction and Urban Planning Inspectorate, and creates all the facilities to fulfill the duties of this Inspectorate. Within 10 days of receipt of the copy of the record or notification of the result of the audit, the inspectors of UCI of the municipality shall issue a decision on relevant measures and the provision of administrative sanctions, which is signed by the chief inspector. Suspension of construction works expires in 10 days. Municipal/ national UCI takes a decision on the violation found within the 10-day period mentioned above. The decisions of UCI provide for their application deadlines to 60 days, by type of violation. Exceptionally, the decisions to demolish illegal constructions shall have up to 30 days for their application.

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