Valuable Projects in LEZHE

About culture, history and archeology
Financial support is required for the following projects:

  1. Coverage of Skanderbeg Memorial
  2. Building of History Museum
  3. Disposition of Archaeological Park Area
  4. Disposition of the area of the Obelisk of League of Lezha

Lezha Municipality urges all fellow compatriots, all persons interested in Lezha, its culture and history, the development and progress of the city, to support with funding the implementation of the above projects.

Now the city of Lezha has a clear vision and a concrete development strategy defined by its leadership as a tourist city, with a clear profile of a nationwide value center of historical, archeological and cultural tourism.

The implementation of the above projects made from well known studios in Europe will boost Lezha’s values, turning it in one of the most attractive centers at national level and beyond.

Convinced that, in and out of the country, there are plenty of people, businessmen and art lovers who love Lezha and will offer their support for the realization of these projects. For more information please see here.  For more information please contact :,, tel/fax ++355  215 22270.

We welcome your contribution.

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