Wrestling is among the oldest sports of our city and for this sport we are proud. Officially this sport in Lezha was founded in 1963, when the team participated in North Spartakiada. Later this sport was better organized in chain teams and took part in all national activities.

The greatest success was marked in 1982, when the team came into the 1-category and continues to compete successfully until today having the highest national and international results and a very high of individual and team level. In this sport we have "Masters of Sports" and the national team coach and member of the Presidency of the Albanian Wrestling Federation.

Today, under the direction of the member of the Presidency of the Albanian Wrestling Federation Mr. Altin Shtjefni, coach of the national team and wrestling team "Beselidhja" in support of trainers Sajmir Loshi, Joel Gjelaj continue to give high results in this sport for all age groups.

Results of the wrestling team "Beselidhja" during the last 10 years:

2001 -2007- winning National Championships (cadet)

2001-2007 - winning National Championships (pre young)

2004 -2011- winning National Championships (young)

2004-2011 - the country's second in National Championships (adults)

2001 - 2011- team wrestling "Beselidhja" is winner of many cups of Albania (26 cups)

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